Air purifier

“Cities have decreasing air quality because of smog year after year. With more people moving to the cities in search for jobs, it is crucial to create a safe and liveable personal space.”

Breathe is an intelligent wall mounted air purifier. Because people increasingly move to the cities, they are forced to live in smaller appartments. An air purifier could be very benificial for these small spaces. However, most air purifiers are big, clunky devices that take up alot of room. The LCD display, visible on the front, indicates vital information, about the current air quality, temperature, humidity and mode, which can be read in a quick glance. If the air quality is above the acceptable norms, the display shows a green lit ring, which will turn orange or red when the air quality is decreasing. The app shows additional information, like in how many days the filter needs replacement.

Smart home device
Client: Personal project
Year: 2019

Breathe air purifier hero shot
breathe portfolio page 1
breathe page 2
Breathe air purifier app
breathe air purifier green