Incense holder

A marble and cast iron incense holder, designed to hold the entire stock of your 25 cm long incense sticks. This incense holder was made for’s talentlab, and is chosen for the 2019 collection.

Jesse Rutten Incense Holder design
Incense holder open

The incense holder is designed to store your extra incense sticks, just move the top and place the incense sticks in the cavity designed for 25 cm incense sticks.  Another design feature, is the shape of the top part. Because of the raised edge of the part, the ashes of the incense sticks will be caught. Whenever you want to clean the incense holder, just grab the top part and shake the end with the hole above a bin.

technical drawings incense holder
SLS printed 3D model of incense holder
Prototype incense holder
Prototype incense holder detail

The final prototype is printed @ Shapeways in a SLS 3D printed material. This material is heat resistant, sturdy and the layer height is extremely detailed. Next steps in the process would be improving the product for mass production, performing the final touches on the visual proportions and creating a final prototype.