Industrial design
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In today’s society staying connected is what matters, for that we need to be powered up at all times. This power bank is designed for the best possible user centered experience. It’s no longer neccessary to pack your adapter, since the power bank has a built in power plug.
The two front USB-A and USB-C entries are sealed with a TPE cover, that is pushed inside the ports. This ensures the ports will remain free of dust. Other then this, the TPE strap acts as a storage area for all cables you need to take with you on your travels.

The main body is made of aluminum, with a blasted finish. The Qi charging coil is placed beneath the ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is a great option because it is rigid, visually pleasing and invites the user to place their phone on it to charge, without being afraid of damaging your phone.

The power bank has one button, which displays the amount of battery left, with 4 small LED’s.

It is entirely made for disassembly, the two screws in the back ensure that recycling or repairing the product is still a possibility.

The extendable power plug integrated on the back of the product is made of ABS plastic, to be sure the conductive material of the body will have no contact with the power source.

power bank cable management
Power bank detail shot
power bank close up
Exploded view powerbank concept